Edaville Railroad


We braved the cold temps yesterday and took our Z to the Edaville Railroad! We went with my sister’s family because everything is more fun with cousins, right? I thought I’d share because if you’re looking for a cute holiday activity to do with your little kids, Edaville USA is it. I even remember going to Edaville Railroad as a kid!


Edaville-railroad-4For the holidays they have a special Christmas Festival of Lights. The park opens at 2pm and we got there shortly after. There are tons of little rides for all ages both outdoor and in, rides even my average-sized 2 year old could ride on (and a few rides she could even do with no parent!). The rides and grounds are on par with a local carnival, some were working, and some were not… but of course the main attraction is the train ride.


They do a Christmas Festival of lights train ride that comes with your entry and then they also do the Polar Express, which we’ll do in a few years once our Z actually knows the story. Their website claims the trains run every hour but they ran more frequently and more randomly when we were there, so listen for announcements and ask the staff. We thought we were getting the last train of the day but it turns out there was one after ours when it would have been a little darker and you could see the lights better. Oh well, the kids didn’t even realize.


Inside, you could visit with Santa (and get a photo with him for a cost) as well as a great play space and little historical museum talking about the cranberry bogs of Carver, MA and how Edaville came to be.



It was a fun afternoon/evening! If you go, bundle up! Our Z refused to wear her hat and mittens at first and cried because of the colllld temps. We were constantly running inside to warm up and were pleased that the little indoor play area had rides and other fun activities. There’s not much for food in the area either so we checked online before we left the house and found a good local restaurant close enough to stop at on our way home before anyone fell asleep in the car. What a fun holiday adventure!

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