Gilded Thanksgiving Wreath


I’m a crafty person – I bet you’ve figured that out by now. I usually make crafts “from scratch” so to speak – think of an idea, buy the supplies, figure out how to make the item as I go. But, sometimes, I find a great craft kit that I just can’t say no to. Have you seen this Burlap and Gold Wreath Kit sold at Paper Source? I saw it and just loved it – there is a hint of gold sparkle (and why I renamed it a Gilded Thanksgiving Wreath)! I usually don’t decorate for Thanksgiving, per se, but we are hosting a little friends-giving at our house this year so I thought this wreath would be just enough decor (along with some leftover pumpkins and fall flowers around the house, too) for our little gathering. I of course had to add my own flare to it, but more about that later.


The kit comes with most everything that you’ll need – you just need to supply your own scissors and tape, not bad!


I won’t get too detailed in how to make the wreath because the kit comes with extremely detailed and easy to follow instructions.


The directions even tell you how many of each leaf (there are 4 varieties) to use on each layer of the wreath. Don’t you just love these gold sparkle leaves?


The most time consuming part is placing the leaves and then taping them on the cardboard wreath.

A few notes:
– the kit comes with exactly the right amount of double sided tape squares so be careful with them!
– the kit does have a few extra light brown and bronze leaves so if you feel like one of your leaves need an extra leaf to look full – go for it.
– the kit does not come with a way for the wreath to be hung – which I realized too late. I suggest using a thin wire and wrap it around the cardboard leaf with a loop at the top for hanging. THEN place all your leaves on.

So, since I was making this specifically for Thanksgiving decor, I added a little note of Give Thanks to the wreath, here’s how:


You’ll need: tape, double sided tape, leftover leaves from the wreath kit, thread, Sharpie, and scissors.


Write your message on the leaves, for Thanksgiving I wrote “Give Thanks.”


Tape your thread on the back of each leaf you’ve written on with double sided tape. Stick a different colored leaf just off-centered to the back.


Line up your leaves so you like how they hang and tape to the back of the wreath.


And you have a fabulous handmade Gilded Thanksgiving Wreath! And PS if you want to use this wreath for another holiday, the Give Thanks leaves are easy to just remove.

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