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It’s sad that everything with mom in front of it ends up being a negative and frumpy connotation. Mom jeans, for example. I don’t know any moms (or anyone at all for that matter) that actually wears mom jeans. I am a mom and I wear pretty cool jeans (I think!). My sister is a mom and she always wears great jeans. My own mom is a mom and definitely wears good jeans, usually with a slight boot-cut and cute shoes!


Well, I got off topic, sorry – but I am here to tell you about the ultimate mom purse. I’ve been eying this Marc by Marc Jacobs Preppy Nylon Sasha Crossbody Bag for some time now. Isn’t it great? And after I received some monetary gifts (with strict assignment to buy something with it, not just deposit it in the bank for general use – if you insist!). I decided it was time.

I got used to carrying a crossbody bag this summer when I used my travel purse everywhere I went with my Z. And the convenience! Well, that bag is very summery so I realized I would need a more all-year crossbody while performing mommy duties out and about. This bag is it, folks.

mom-purse-1What I love most is there is a pocket in front with compartment for my iPhone, a zippered area and all of my other stuff I would want easy access to.


Then, there is a zippered, larger part in the back where I can put all my Z necessities (snacks, crayons, mini coloring book, mini baby doll, emergency diaper, etc…). This section is huge. But when you’re wearing the bag? Still fashionable and cute – just what I like. No frumpy mom here – and let’s end the mom frump association once and for all!

10 thoughts on “Mom Purse

  1. Too funny, my mother did the same thing for my birthday this year – check with this note attached:

    “This is to buy yourself something nice and I want to see what you bought. It is NOT 1) for house 2) to pay a bill 3) to go out to eat


    Hahahaha!! Also, I sort of covet that bag, and maaaaay have to get one for spring. Even though I’m not a mom. 🙂


    1. Funny! I love that you got an actual note with instructions to spoil yourself.

      It’s literally the best bag when you’re out and about, you’ll love it!


  2. I agree.. i wear totally cute jeans and I’m a mom. but then again i have seen and even know that frumpy mom who decided that since she was now a mom she no longer had to dress up.. as if motherhood was her excuse to look like a mess..
    Looking good and being a mom have nothing to do with each other..


  3. I’m a mom to a toddler and I’m obsessed with purses. I love this one that you posted! And I agree that sometimes things with “mom” in the front imply frumpiness. I go out of my way to avoid the frump!
    Visiting from NE Bloggers Weekend Wander : )


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