Purse Party – Party Favors


Today I am showing you the first DIY project for my Z’s upcoming 2nd birthday party that’s going to be PURSE-tacular! You recall she’s turning 2, loves purses, so therefore it’s only natural to throw her a purse themed birthday party, right? Right. First things first – the most fun thing at a birthday party? The party favor! I found these adorable wooden purses on Amazon and went to town, here’s how I made them….
purse-party-favor-2You will need: Glue gun, paint, mini wooden purse, string for the handle (I used this raffia), and a paint brush.


First, paint your purse. I mixed my paint to make green to match the colors of the purse party (purple, green, orange). Let your purse dry.


Then, glue down one end of your string.


Start wrapping the purse handle.


Once you’re at the other side cut and glue down. Wrap the other handle the same way.


Cute! I decided to add a little monogram (a la Louis Vuitton) to add a little something extra to them.


Stuff with a tiny treat and give out at your purse party.

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