Wilson Farm (free!) Spooky Hay Ride

spooky-hay-ride-8If you live in the area you’ve heard of and probably been to Wilson Farm in Lexington – a great little farm store with homegrown produce, homemade treats, gourmet goods, and so much more. In the fall they do a pretty cute spooky hay ride. We just went yesterday and our Z loved it – it’s great for kids of all ages and not really too spooky at all (but there are some funny bits for the parents!).

spooky-hay-ride-3You ride on tractors that they actually use to farm with during the day (the spooky hay ride is open specific times becauase of this) and you ride by and sometimes through (as seen above!) regular activities that they’ve made spooooooky….

spooky-hay-ride-2…like this spooky farm stand!

spooky-hay-ride-4Or this spooooky birds nest!


Hay rides are awesome.

spooky-hay-ride-9And at the end of this free spooky hay ride they give you fall treats, how fun!

spooky-hay-ride-7We walked around the store after and found this awesome Halloween gingerbread house.

spooky-hay-ride-6And best of all – the largest candy apple we’ve ever seen. Fun afternoon!

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