Greenway Carousel


Have you heard of the new Greenway Carousel in Boston? It’s right across from Fanueil Hall on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. The carousel just opened a month ago and I’ve been dying to check it out. Our Z loves carousels and I thought it would be the perfect fall activity.

DSC_0470The carousel isn’t made up of your usual ornate horses, rather a bunch of beautifully sculpted animals from a squirrel to a lobster to a butterfly to a grasshopper. Turns out, they asked the children of four area elementary schools to draw what animals they would most like to ride on in a carousel. How cute is that? They took the children’s drawings to a local artist from Newburyport and he sculpted by hand the 36 animals for the carousel.


Each ride is $3 and it honestly is one of the shortest carousel rides I’ve ever been on, but fun nonetheless. *Note – the animals don’t have seat belts so if yours is little like mine is, hold on tight!

DSC_0471The Greenway Carousel is open daily 11a-9p through Columbus Day and then weekends through New Years Eve.


It’s even fun to just watch…

10 thoughts on “Greenway Carousel

  1. That looks like so much fun! Wish I were closer to Boston to check it out….PS, I noticed that you’re working with TOMS (sidebar)- I’m thinking of doing something similar with them as well – my brother in law runs international marketing and is always sending us supplies, so I’m a huge fan of their products. Good luck with it!


    1. Thanks!

      I am an affiliate of TOMS, I totally love their shoes. I haven’t worn the sunglasses yet, but have heard good things.


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