DIY Wrapping Paper


I am so sick of all the wrapping paper we have to choose from our wrapping paper collection. I feel like we’ve had the same rolls forever!! My cousin who got married last summer is having a sweet baby girl this fall and my Z and I are headed to her shower this weekend. I of course made her a little card (which I won’t show so it will be a surprise) but wanted to have some coordinating wrapping paper too because, well, why not? Aren’t you supposed to make everything cuter for a baby girl baby shower? It’s so easy – you have to make your own wrapping paper for your next gift giving occasion.

DIY-wrapping-paperYou will need: banner paper, stamps, ink pads, scissors, and ribbon (or raffia or twine) to finish the package.


DIY-wrapping-paper-1The first step is to get a scrap piece of paper and play around with your stamps, different colored ink pads, and layout. From my test I learned the silver and lightest pink ink pads weren’t going to work on my white banner paper. And that I would make the gold a prominent colored used with pops of pink and then tie up the present in pink raffia.


DIY-wrapping-paper-2Cut your paper and start stamping!


DIY-wrapping-paper-3Once you have a few lines of your pattern down, you can stamp ahead and move faster – for example I went ahead and did all of my gold stamping and filled in with the pink accents.


DIY-wrapping-paper-6And now you’re ready to wrap.


DIY-wrapping-paper-8I added a bow made of pink raffia for an extra pop of pink for baby girl. I love how this came out and can’t wait to make more DIY wrapping paper!

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