Peach Picking


I hope you had a nice Labor Day Weekend! It was kind of crappy weather around where we live, but we tried to make the most of it – went to dinner with family, the playground with cousins, and even to a Labor Day/Birthday party shindig (with homemade cake)! Other than that, one of the biggest highlights was when we went with my parents to pick our own peaches at Sweet Berry Farm where we picked strawberries at the beginning of the summer.


First of all, we didn’t know if there were any tricks to picking peaches, so my husband did a quick google search. Turns out, look for peaches that come off the stem easily and one that is slightly soft to the touch. Aka – leave the hard peaches that you’d have to yank off the stem.


peach-pickingTruth be told, my husband, dad, and even Zoe did most of the picking and it didn’t take long to fill our bag.


DSC_0431-001My mom and I wasted no time digging in – of course protecting our tops from the peach juice with a special juicy-peach-eating-stance…

Now on to making peach cobbler, peach salsa, and other peachy things!

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