Couple Things…


The biggest news around here this week is that we got a tiny table and chairs for our tiny Z. I got her some coloring books and colored pencils (to add to her crayons) for her first little art center. We’ll be crafting together soon enough!

I also scored a great fall trend – army jacket for her from Old Navy on clearance for $10. It’s a little vest she can wear all fall.

My hubby and I snuck out on Thursday for a little day date. We went to a place in the North End for Restaurant Week – local friends, did you participate in Boston’s Restaurant Week this year? We hadn’t in years!

The food was delish (and plentiful, sooooo full!) – since it was restaurant week we got dessert too, which always seems extra indulgent in the middle of the day, right?

At Baby Bootcamp the other morning at the end of class when we were stretching, I looked over and my Z was stretching too. And I never have my phone out so I was lucky to snap this pic!

And I’ll leave you with a beautiful view in Newport, RI (I know, lots of boat shots from Newport lately! I can’t help it!)…


I hope you had a great week! Have a wonderful long weekend celebrating (?) the end of summer!

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