Fall Trend – Leather

Another exciting fall trend I wanted to mention is leather. I love to see leather wardrobe items like a leather dress, pants, or jacket (of course). But was is so exciting this year is that mixed media with leather is in – meaning articles of clothing with just a hint of leather. Over the weekend I bought this fabulous Merino leather-pocket sweater at J. Crew – isn’t it great?


J. Crew also has a great pair of pixie pants this season with a leather tuxedo stripe (my sister almost bought them over the weekend), aren’t they fab too? But there are so many other mixed media leather items out there this season, I had to share a few with you. Are you going to where the mixed media leather trend?


1. The Top with Leather Pocket from Zara would look amazing with black skinny leg jeans, right? 2. This is the Boat Neck Stripe top with Leather Elbows from Joseph. Can you believe this top? It combines my first love (stripes) with my second (elbow patches). Love. this. top. 3. This Michael Kors Mixed Media Cardigan is quite the piece. Don’t you think? It’s timeless – buy now, take care of it, and where it forever. 4. Now let’s talk pants. I think these DKNY Ponte Leather Riding Leggings are pretty great – and they’re on sale! 5. I am obsessed with this Leather Plane Pullover from Anthropologie – it’s the perfect fall sweater for jeans. 6. And I love these Zara Tops with Faux Leather Piping – they come in a bunch of colors.

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