Faux Leather Dress

I have been obsessed with non-traditional leather clothing pieces for a while now, including this leather jumper I mentioned last year at about this exact time. That said, I would certainly be happy with faux leather as it’s more PC and, quite frankly, much less expensive. Have you received the most recent catalog from Anthropologie yet this month? Well, open directly to page 4 and behold – the perfect faux leather dress!


And it’s less than $150!

Right now, I would style this dress as is with a cute pair of simple ballet flats. For Fall, I would wear a simple white button down underneath, polka dot tights, and chunky suede shoes. Now, as a part-time work from home gal who is a mommy to a 21-month old toddler the rest of the time…I just need to figure out when I would actually wear it…

3 thoughts on “Faux Leather Dress

  1. I absolutely LOVE this dress. My heartrate actually sped up a bit when I saw it (lol!) THANK YOU! I’m going to pick this up and the color is perfect that I can wear it all the way through fall xo


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