Couple Things…

dr-office-meltdownafternoon-snack-picnic  ootd sweet-basil-needham-ma

It’s been one of those weeks where this morning I woke up and thought…”we made it!” Our Z was sick all week. The second time we went to the doctor this week she got another strep test (negative both times) and when we were told to wait in this tiny exam room for 6 minutes for the results…well, the first photo was her reaction. She maaaaaay be as much of a drama queen as her mama… 😉

We had snack time picnics inside all week.

I did have a meeting one evening this week and got to wear my green lace skirt that was a souvenir from London.

I also got to meet a couple good friends for dinner. We went to Sweet Basil, have you been? Their basil pesto dip you get with bread is amaaaaazing!


Have a great weekend everyone! I have a very healthy, VERY delicious summer salad recipe for you next week, you’re going to love it. As always, thanks for reading this blog, I sure do have a fun time writing and creating posts so thank for letting me share this little part of my life with you!

2 thoughts on “Couple Things…

  1. Oh my gosh she’s the cutest. Drama queen maybe, but an adorable one! And I have been walking by Thai Basil for years but have never tried it– that basil pesto spread may be the only convincing I need though now!


  2. Glad she’s feeling better and that you survived. It’s the worse when they’re sick! Love the photo from the Dr’s office! I have quite a few that look eerily similar 🙂
    Have a great weekend!


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