Couple Things…




We went to Grafton Street Pub one night and had some amazing apps – charcuterie and arancini.

We also went blueberry picking and got 2 pints of fresh blueberries (look at the tiny hand picking blueberries!).

Z and I decided to get somewhat dressed up on Tuesday in black and white for no reason at all!

…and then we headed to Panera for lunch. Poor Z has inherited the family gene of the love of chips. Salty, crunchy, chips! She was so happy when I told her we re going to split my bag of Baked Lays.

For dinner one night this week, we made a salad with steak tips, blue cheese, and these fabulous golden beets, so good.

I was going to share a photo hereĀ from the beach yesterday, but we were having too much fun to stop and take pics!

Happy Weekend!

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