Couple Things…

Z-meat-chipsbeef-ruffles feed-sweatshirtZ-shoes

pinwheel-straw styled-by-jess-fourth-of-july

Our Z sure did love the beef burger flavored chips we got her in London (hamburgers are her favorite food).

And what do I see the first time I go to the grocery store after we’re home from London? Steak flavored Ruffles…are meat chips taking over the world?

I got a sweatshirt from the new Feed for Target line. $25 and will provide 20 meals across America – great mission.

Z’s goal this week has been to get her shoes on all by herself…she’s almost there!

We celebrated the Fourth yesterday of course…with pinwheel straws…

…and another selfie of me in my niece’s Patriotic cap and wearing my Fourth of July outfit.


Have a great weekend!

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