Strawberry Mojitos


I mentioned last week that I’d have a couple strawberry recipes for you this week, so here is your first – a cocktail! I just love mojitos – I think they’re the perfect summer beverage. In fact, we had blueberry mojitos as the signature cocktail at our wedding! I thought I’d share with you today the recipe to make your own strawberry mojito from scratch and since it’s right in the middle of strawberry season I suggest you make these now!


You will need: Club soda, a muddler, white rum, strawberries, fresh mint leaves, lime, white sugar, and ice (not pictured).



First, muddle strawberries (I used 3 since mine were so small) and about 10 mint leaves in a tall glass.



Add 2 Tbs of sugar (more or less depending on your taste) and 1 more strawberry (or 2 of they’re small, like mine were) and continue muddling.



Fill your glass with ice, pour 1 1/2 oz of white rum over the ice and then fill glass with club soda.



Stir well! Garnish with a lime and a couple mint leaves. Enjoy!

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