Couple Things…

arnold-palmer bacon-jam lunchz-at-dr   z-min-cuppacking-for-london

We went to our favorite beach over the weekend and I got my favorite summer drink at their snack bar – an Arnie Palmer with a hint of fresh mint!

I made my husband bacon jam as part of his Father’s Day dinner on Sunday, it was as good as it sounds and we still have some in the fridge for later.

On Monday I had this amazing goat cheese, tomato, and zucchini (hidden under the cheese and tomatoes) flat-bread from the same farm where we went strawberry picking on Father’s Day.

Our little Z was sick all week =( Here she is doing a little reading while we wait for the doc.

And this is Z on our little lunch date beaming with glee because she has her own mini Panera cup/cover/straw to drink from…it’s the little things in life, right?

This is me trying to pack for London! It’s cold, rainy, sometimes warm, could be sunny….yikes!


Have a great weekend…you know where I’ll be!  =) Be sure to follow me on twitter to join in our London adventures!


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