26 Questions

Last week Melissa tagged me in this fun alphabet questionnaire. It kind of reminded me of middle school when you’d get a chain letter in the mail that you had to then send to 5 other friends or you’d be cursed with bad luck for the rest of your life. I don’t think not doing this questionnaire would lead to a lifetime of bad luck…or would it? Maybe I should do it. I’ll do it! So here we go, read away, get to know me better and see below to see if I tagged you. =)
The Alphabet Meme:

A: Attached or Single – Married, four years tomorrow in fact! (See above photo)

B: Best friend – Same guy I’m married to

C: Cake or pie – Cake.

D: Day of choice – Saturday. We always seem to be doing something fun on Saturdays!

E: Essential item – I have to say my iPhone – mostly for taking cute pics of my daughter.

F: Favorite color – Tough one, it changes all the time. Current: coral.

G: Gummy bears or worms – Not into any shape of gummy. Blech.

H: Hometown: Medfield.

I: Favorite indulgence- Potato chips

J: January or July – January for skiing! I like cold more than hot.

K: Kids – My Z.

L: Life isn’t complete without… –  See above answer.

M: Marriage date – June 20, 2009.

N: Number of handbags –  I mean, do I have to count them ALL? >25

O: Oranges or apples – Apples. 

P: Phobias – Mice. Rats. Mice. Hate.

Q: Quotes – “Fashion fades, only style stays the same.” ~Coco Chanel

R: Reason to smile – Spaghetti bolognese. And my family!

S: Season of choice – Fall – favorite season for fashion and weather!

T: Tag 5 people – I actually decided not to tag anyone – you’re welcome!  =)

U: Unknown fact about me – I am a clothes collector (hoarder?) and still have a few shirts from high school.

V: Vegetable – Broccoli.

W: Worst habit – Tardiness.  But I am always working on it and *think I’m getting better.

X: X-ray or ultrasound – Um, ultrasound I guess?

Y: Your favorite food – Pasta Bolognese!

Z: Zodiac sign – Scorpio

Photo by Main Event Weddings

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