Couple Things…

nautical-selfiefiat-with-mustache  strawberrieszoe-breakfast-with-cartoons shrimp-cocktailCSA-1banana-republic-and-milly watermelon-cocktail

I wore my any season skirt this week with a cute nautical anchor top.

Mint green, mustached Fiat – cutest car ever! Did I tell you the mustache was made with actual hair?

Strawberries are officially in season! I think we’ll be making these strawberry shortcake cookies soon….

Over the weekend – watching morning cartoons while eating breakfast, a rare treat!

My mom’s birthday dinner shrimp cocktail.

We had our first CSA pick-up of the season this week – lots of greens this week, looks like we’ll be eating some fresh salads!

I went to Banana Republic last night to see the new Milly line in person, I love the patterns and colors, so very Milly…

Then met some friends for cocktails and dinner. Our drinks took forever to get to us so we got the first round free…I’ll wait an extra 5 minutes any day for a free $12 cocktail!

Have a great weekend!


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