Kite Park

How was your Memorial Day weekend? It was a wash-out around here but – by Sunday the rain had stopped and by Monday the sun had come back out! We celebrated the sun with a little trip to Brenton Point Park in Newport, RI – the best kite park around, according to me and probably quite a few others. We picnic at this park in the summer but this time we decided to fly our own kite too, since our Z is big enough to have fun with it.


We started off with a little picnic lunch, but our Z was chomping at the bit to get flying when she saw all the other kites at the park.



She worked with Daddy to get the kite going…



And then when it got up she pointed, squealed, and really wanted it to come back so she could play with it.



There wasn’t a cloud in the sky…



Then Daddy brought the kite down and…oops, tangled. Fun afternoon!

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