Homemade Butter

Do you know just how easy it is to make your own butter?  EASY!  You don’t even need one of those old fashioned butter churners or live on a farm. I got my husband this butter kit for Christmas, thinking it would be involved and it is actually really simple. We have been making our own butter for a few months now.


All you need is heavy cream, a jar with a lid, and salt if you want salted butter.



Poor the cream into the jar and screw the lid on verrrrry tightly. *Important – make sure your cream is room temperature! It’s very hard to make cold cream into butter.


Then shake. And shake. And shake some more! You want to shake until the milk fat has come together, you will hear the cream sound less liquid-y and come together as a solid. This process of shaking will take between 10 and 20 minutes.



Once you hear the solid, open your jar and pour off the liquid. The liquid is buttermilk so save it and make biscuits or pancakes with it.



Put the milk solid into a bowl and pour very cold water over it and massage the butter to help get the rest of the buttermilk out.



Once you feel as much of the buttermilk is squeezed out as you can get, put it into a tupperware container (or something similar) and add 1/2 tsp of salt and fold it in. *Note, at this point you could also fold in other herbs or seasonings to make a flavored butter. Cinnamon sugar, herbs de Provence…



Chill the butter overnight and serve on toast, corn on the cob, whatever you like to put butter on.  Enjoy your fresh butter!

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