Asian Salad with Salmon

With all the heavy French food we had since our croissant date and coq au vin dinner we HAD to switch to lighter fare last week. One of the meals we made was this deliciously light and fresh Asian Salad with Salmon, we adapted the meal from a Martha Stewart recipe. This meal was great and we can’t wait to make it again this summer when the cabbage is fresh and plentiful in our CSA.

asian-salad-with-salmon (1)

Cut your cabbage into thin strips, you can even shred it if you wish. We used purple cabbage and regular green cabbage.



Whisk your dressing ingredients – rice vinegar, sesame oil, honey, and s&p.



Drizzle over your cabbage, shredded carrot, and diced onion.



In the meantime, grill your salmon – the unseasoned little piece was Z’s.


asian-salad-with-salmon (3)

Serve the salmon over the salad, the heat of the salmon will wilt the salad a bit and make it extra yummy.  Enjoy!

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