We fell in love with all things plantain on our recent trip to Puerto Rico.  We had them mashed (mufungo), as chips, as french fries, and our favorite – Tostones where unripe plantains are fried, then pounded down and fried again.  Delish! We decided to make them as a side for dinner the other night and they came out great.  We followed this recipe as a guide (we omitted the part when you dip in water before the second fry because it causes the oil to spit and go everywhere).

Peel and cut plantains, about 1 1/2″ wide.
Fry plantains, flipping once, until golden brown on both sides but not fully cooked.
Take plantains out and place on a paper towel.  One by one, smash the plantain with a plate.
Fry again for about 1 minute and then take out and salt immediately.
Enjoy while still hot!
We all loved these homemade tostones!

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