What to Wear – Mom’s Night Out

I went out for a Mom’s Night Out last week with all the gals from Baby Bootcamp at a painting place where you can snack and drink wine as you paint – and course we talked about our babies the entire time.  We had a blast and it was nice seeing everyone dolled up in place of our usual workout wear.

I thought I’d throw together an outfit perfect for a mom’s night out when you can wear things you can’t wear with your baby – like a bulky cocktail ring, ornate sweater, and things in your hair.

1. J. Crew sweater; 2. Cute hair accessories; 3. Mommy’s Time Out wine; 4. Cocktail ring; 5. Black skinny leg jeans; 6. Black knee boots from Seychelles; and 7. Louis Vuitton speedy bag.

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