Tricks of the Trade – Pine Sap Removal

Happy New Year!  I took a couple days off from posting, but now that it’s a new year I thought I’d come back and bring you a great trick I learned just yesterday.

We came home from a weekend away skiing and enjoying some downtime and decided to take down all of our Christmas decor.  Well, our tree this year has been dripping pine sap and of course, when I was kneeling on the ground, I knelt right in a big drop of it.  I thought my pants would be ruined (and was so annoyed since they are my favorite jeans to wear when I’m tucking jeans into boots), but I found out that hand sanitizer takes the sap out of clothes.  AND it actually works.

Just put a drop on the sap, rub it in, wait a second, and the sap sort of dissolves.  Then wash and dry as usual.  Pants saved!

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