Couple Things…

Almost the weekend…what are you up to?  We had lots of plans last weekend but our little one wasn’t feeling so hot Saturday and then refused to nap on Sunday so our plans got a little destroyed, oh well – that’s is life with a toddler!  This weekend we’re going to check out this party at the ICA, get our Christmas tree, and then have some friends over for brunch on Sunday…with bloody mary’s!

I’ll be finishing these this weekend too – watch your mailbox!

Have a great weekend, here are some fun links…

We’re making these for brunch, don’t they look amazing?

These gift wrapping ideas are so cute…

I love to see what people wear to work, don’t you?

Um, this is the fanciest gift card…ever.

A Christmas tree that holds its needles from Thanksgiving through Christmas?!  Sign me up.

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