Popcorn on the Cob

I hadn’t mentioned yet, but our CSA is over for the season, booo.  In our last pick-up we got popcorn – still on the cob, how interesting!


You can make the popcorn while it’s still attached to the cob, you can either:

1. Put it in your microwave as is and let it pop (it will fly everywhere in your mic).

2. Put the cob in a paper bag and then microwave.

3. Third option: chicken out and shell the kernels off the cob and pop old school on your stove top.


We chickened out, mostly because we didn’t have a paper bag.  Getting the kernels off is no small feat – they come off one-by-one.

Growing up we always cooked our popcorn this way…my mum and I in particular loved making popcorn as an evening treat.  Just put a couple Tsp of oil on the bottom of  heavy-bottomed frying pan, pour in a few Tbs of kernels, cover, and cook.  When you hear popping only sporadically, remove from heat.  Don’t take the cover off until you’re sure the kernels are done popping.  Salt immediately and serve hot!

On this night, we decided to make it a little sweet, like kettle corn, and added a bit of sugar (like a tsp or 2) to the kernels right after they were put in the pan.

popcorn (2)


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