Night Out…

So right before I had our sweet baby girl last October, my parents gave my husband and I a “night on the town” for our birthdays (which are 3 days apart) meaning they’d take the baby overnight so we could have a night out.  So, we decided to “cash it in” this past weekend to celebrate our birthdays and had a blast!  We wanted to make use of our baby free time and do things we wouldn’t/couldn’t do with the baby. Here was our day and night away….

dim sum

Dim Sum for lunch at Meyers and Chang…this is a bacon and egg banh mi – AMAZING!

Wine tasting at the Cycolorama.


keyRoom at the Liberty Hotel – old prison turned boutique hotel.

old bars

The holes where the old prison cell bars were in the brick.




Sparkle purse and this top I got for only $15! I love the color and how it looked tucked in.

Pumpkin risotto and monkfish for dinner at a cozy, dimly lit restaurant.


Great morning view outside our window at the Liberty Hotel. We had a great night and had just enough time away to be more than excited to pick up our girl in the morning…

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