Homemade (sort of) Cat Costume for the Baby

Happy Halloween!  Our sweet baby is going to be a black cat for Halloween this year.  Instead of telling you I “made” the costume, I’ll say I “crafted” it.

kitty cat

It was so easy – black onesie, silver sparkle-y foam paper, and the cat accessories pack from Target.  Oh, and I found this cute little pumpkin for $1 for her to collect her candy as we go door to door tonight – literally door to door.  We’ll visit the neighbors next door, the neighbors across the street, and then head home.  Not bad for baby’s first Halloween!  Well, technically, she was born the day before Halloween last year, so it’s her 2nd Halloween, but we didn’t dress up last year and we certainly didn’t trick or treat as we were all still at the hospital.

3 thoughts on “Homemade (sort of) Cat Costume for the Baby

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