How do you feel about monogramming?  I think I love it – it feels old fashioned and preppy, don’t you think?

In high school, when I was wearing a school uniform every day, a little monogram on my white turtleneck collar was a way to differentiate myself from the other girls (my shoe choices helped too).  I also had the standard L.L. Bean backpack with my initials like the rest of the country who was in high school in the late 90s.

Recently, we have some pillow cases that are monogrammed with J for our last name, but my monogramming has really gone by the wayside.  I’ve seen on J.Crew recently they are noting in catalogs and on their website what is able to be monogrammed and I think I may get back into it!  I am thinking of a little JLFJ monogram on this basic sweater..

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