Peter Pan Collar Iron On

zoe shirt3

I mentioned last week that I was going to make iron-on Peter Pan Collar shirts – well, I made the one for our baby girl and it came out SO cute!  I saw in my September issue of Martha Stewart Living that she has great download-able patterns to print and make your own tees (and bags and jewelry as well), including one for a Peter Pan Collar shirt.  It was such an easy, fun project – here is where you can print the clip art to make your own.

I used this iron transfer paper that I bought at Michael’s and then a long sleeve white tee for our baby’s shirt.  I followed the directions for the paper and voila – done!  Once the pattern was ironed on, I thought something was missing so I added little buttons for a pop of color and 3D effect.  It came out great…

zoe shirt2
Here’s a close-up of one of the buttons.


zoe shirt1

And what it looked like pre-button.

Note: I was going to make one for myself too, but I ordered the t-shirts online and when mine arrived it had a little stain, boo, project delayed.

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