Picnic in the Park

newport picnic1

A fun thing to do while you’re in Newport, RI is to go to a Polo match – pack a picnic, some chairs to sit on, and some wine or beer to drink and it’s really a fun night and oh-so preppy, right? Anyway, this past Sunday night they were playing a special exhibition game according to their website so we made some food, bought some delicious cheese, and chilled a white wine.  We got there just in time for the match to start…but there was no one else there!  Long story short, after we called the Polo hotline (yes, such a phone number exists!) and found out the torrential rains throughout the weekend made it so the fields were too soaked to play on!  D’oh!

We drove around and decided to take our picnic elsewhere – to Brenton Point, aka, the Kite Park because the wind gets so strong there everyone flies kites.  We had such a nice time, it was the perfect night to have a picnic by the ocean.  Our sweet baby girl had a ball rolling around the grass and eating her own baby dinner on our picnic blanket.

And here was our view:

newport picnic3

I thought I’d share what we made in case you have any summer picnics coming up and need ideas!

We had shrimp cocktail, grilled veggies (eggplant, onions, summer squash, zucchini, and green peppers, I know, it sound like a lot but we had so many leftover veggies from our CSA the week before!) and 2 delicious cheeses – an herb-ed goat cheese and a brie.

We bought a super cold Riesling to wash it all down and ate one of these for dessert – a fun picnic in the park!

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