Rosé Wine

We had a great, summery meal Friday night that I wanted to share.  We made a pizza with mozzarella and prosciutto and once cooked, a salad of arugula and light lemon vinaigrette dressing on top – it was tasty!

But, the best part, is we randomly decided it was time to drink the delicious rosé wine we brought back from our honeymoon 3 years ago.  Rosé is perfect for a hot, summer night – exactly what last Friday night was!  We got the wine in Tavel in the South of France in the middle of a long ride.  The wine luckily survived the plane ride home tucked in my suitcase and has been sitting in our wine rack ever since.

Back to Friday night…we put the baby to bed, ate and drank on the back deck, and reminisced about our wonderful honeymoon – a perfect hot, summer night!

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