Too Much Thyme on Our Hands

Every year we (well really my husband) plants a small garden of a few veggies and a variety of herbs.  I mean, what’s better than from-your-own-backyard food?

We have some grass yard and then we have what we call “levels” in our backyard – 3 tiers of railroad ties filled with soil.  I think the original owners of our home created these tiers so there would be some plant-able yard over what I imagine is a giant boulder as we live atop a huge hill.  Anyways, the tiers are perfect for planting little gardens.

All of that said, for some reason, every year one of the herbs decides to grow like mad, like you have never seen before.  I have told you about our basil situation from a couple summers ago which was really great for pesto-making and tomato mozzarella salads…but THIS year we have a tremendous amount of thyme.  It’s amazingly fragrant but there just isn’t too much to do with that much thyme.

Does anyone have any thyme suggestions for us?

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