Homemade Sushi

Homemade and Sushi are not two words you usually hear together.  My husband and I both found ourselves home early this past Friday afternoon so we decided to swing by our local H Mart Asian grocery store for the ingredients to make our own sushi. I have to tell you, it’s relatively easy! Here is everything you need…

Prepare your sushi rice in advance and according to the package instructions, this is the timeliest step of this process. Then prep all your filler ingredients, ie. cut the cucumber and avocado into strips, slice your fish, mix the red chili hot oil with regular mayo for spicy mayo sauce, etc…

Then start rolling!

First, dip your hands into a prepared bowl of 1C water and 1 Tbs rice vinegar, this will help the sticky sushi rice NOT stick to your fingers.  Spread a very thin layer of rice onto the seaweed wrap, about 3/8″ thick:

Then layer your desired ingredients

Then roll!  When you’re all rolled up, squeeze your finished roll a bit to make sure everything is set in place.

Dip your knife into the same water/rice vinegar combo and cut into pieces.

And voila…homemade sushi!

Other tips:
– We like this book for real instructions on how to cook the sushi rice, a good rolling technique and more.

– Definitely visit an Asian market for your fish.  You don’t want American grocery store salmon for your sushi rolls, you need sushi grade, of course.

– If you use shrimp, take raw shrimp and place a skewer through the middle before you cook, then your shrimp will be long instead of curled over.

– Rolling gets easier with practice as you go …and with a second glass of wine.


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