Bathing Suit Shopping

It’s a tough time of year – bathing suit shopping season.  Shopping for “the one” is sometimes even worse than trying to find a needle in a haystack.  And for me this year, trying to find a bathing suit for the first summer after having a baby…ugh.

Well, we were up in NH a couple weekends ago and popped into our favorite ski shop to see what sort of equipment was on sale and I came upon their bathing suit selection and poked around.  I saw this really cute aqua and white striped tankini and decided to try it on.  And miracle upon miracle it looked great, fit great so I bought it!  Never in the history of bathing suit shopping season have I bought the very first (and only) suit I tried on…

It was really the ties that I loved the most (and the bottoms I bought have the same ties)…

I wish you luck in finding your “the one” this bathing suit shopping season!

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