Fancy Folder

One of my favorite annual craft projects is making my wall calendar into beautiful, colorful file folders.  What am I talking about?  Let me tell you…

Every year, I buy one of these Paper Source calendars.  Each month has a beautiful print in bold, vibrant colors.

On the back of each is a bunch a different stencils to cut out to make the month into things like paper boxes, flat cards, and bookmarks.


But, on the back of a few is the pattern to make a file folder!  Every year I make my entire 12-month calendar into 12 file folders and then my organization at work is super colorful.  So easy…

You just need scissors to cut, a pencil to trace the pattern onto the rest of the paper, and a bone folder to fold each cut out shape into a folder.

Voila – the fanciest folders in the office…

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