New Easter Egg Tradition

We were at a “paint your own wood” furniture store this past weekend (getting a storage unit for our family room that I will tell you about at a later date) when I saw these really cute wooden eggs at the cash register and immediately thought of a great new Easter Egg tradition!

When our baby girl is older we will definitely dye real eggs with her every year, but I thought starting this year I would paint a wooden egg for her Easter basket and when she is older she can paint one herself.

So…for our inaugural hand-painted Easter Egg, I decided on the purple of her nursery with glitter polka dots! Here’s how I did it.


First, my husband drilled a hole through the egg for me. Then I stuck a bamboo skewer in the hole and used it to hold while I painted the egg.

Then, I stuck the skewer in a plant to let the purple paint dry overnight.

The next day when the purple was completely dry, I used glue to hand draw the polka dots, shook white glitter over, and tapped off the excess. I used a Q-tip to neaten up the dots and then let dry for a few hours. To hang, I thread a little string on a piece of wire and pulled through the pre-drilled hole. Last, I wrote her name and date on the bottom and….done – it came out so cute!

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