I went to an all girls parochial high school and every day wore the same thing – green plaid skirt, white collared shirt, green or white tights. Boring. To differentiate ourselves, we all (well, some of us) wore wild, colorful shoes. I was a fan of John Fluevogs because they were chunky, colorful, and on the brink of being inappropriate – perfect for my high school wardrobe!That said, I recently saw an ad in a magazine for the John Fluevog Spring campaign and can I say – I still have affinity for their chunky, colorful shoe style. Here are a few of my favorites from this season:

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You can buy them on their website or locally, at their store on Newbury Street in Boston.

John Fluevog foldable shoes
$305 – fluevog.com

John Fluevog buckle shoes
$299 – fluevog.com

John fluevog shoes
$289 – fluevog.com

John fluevog shoes
$269 – fluevog.com

John Fluevog high heel shoes
$219 – fluevog.com

$239 – fluevog.com


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