Omelets for Dummies

My husband and I love to make omelets, but we are really bad at the flipping and the folding and making it look like an actual omelet. Our omelets in the past have always disappointingly turned into cheese and veggie scrambled eggs.

So, for Christmas, I bought my husband this special omelet-making pan. It’s so easy! Scramble your eggs and pour half in one side, half in the other. Move the eggs around the pan so they get cooked throughout. When the eggs are cooked, add your veggies, cheese, ham, whatever you want… to one side of the pan. Then fold one half of the pan on top of the other and voila! The perfect omelet.

I bought our pan at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $8 ($10 and I used a 20% off coupon), so it’s super cheap. Also, since the pan is big, you need to make a 3 or 4-egg omelet so we usually split one.


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