Easy Party Favors

We hosted a small gathering this weekend for our baby girl’s Christening. Since we are right in the middle of the hectic holiday season and everyone is so busy (including us!) we decided to make it easy on ourselves and go out to a restaurant for brunch with our group. To personalize the table at the restaurant, we made cute little party favors – they were so simple yet added a nice touch to the restaurant table, I thought I’d share how they were made.

Materials for 15 favors:
30 6″ x 6″ squares of tissue paper (we used white to keep with our white and lilac purple theme)
30 chocolates (we used 1 dark chocolate caramel and 1 “s’mores square” from Trader Joe’s for each favor for a yummy combination)
15 3″ pieces of ribbon (we used tinsel-y silver ribbon for our favors)
15 plastic sandwich bags
15 cards with one hole punch in the corner (I stamped a cross embossed in white with a personal message handwritten on the back for our favors)

To assemble:
Put one of each chocolate in a sandwich bag, cut excess plastic from the top of the bag. Wrap the chocolates in 2 pieces of tissue paper. Put ribbon through the hole in a card, then tie around the tissue paper. Fluff the tissue paper above the ribbon. And voila…simple, personal party favors!

We then had everyone back to our house after the brunch for a little cake…

*After the party I converted the white flower “Christening centerpiece” to a “Holiday centerpiece” by putting the flowers in a red vase!

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