Pizza Toppings

By now, everyone has a pizza stone and makes their own pizza at home, right? We love to use regular dough from the deli section of the grocery store or the herb dough from Trader Joe’s. The only hard part of homemade pizza is thinking of a delicious, creative topping! Cheese is so boring, pepperoni is so traditional, we are always trying to think of something out of the box.

Well, this week we made a ricotta, prosciutto, arugula pizza and it….was…phenomenal! And really, it happened by mistake because we wanted to use leftover ricotta and arugula and thought that combo plus nice, salty prosciutto would be great.

Hint – we baked the pizza 1/2-way with sauce, mozzarella and the dollops of ricotta, then threw on the prosciutto and arugula to cook for the rest of the time.


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