Edible Valentine

I decided to do something different this year and send out edible Valentines rather than my usual homemade cards. The Valentines were little heart sugar cookies packaged in cutely decorated boxes. I thought, what a treat to get a box of cute cookies in the mail for Valentine’s Day!


For the packaging I went to A.C. Moore and found these great, sturdy, white cardboard pencil boxes. I decorated with a heart and a handwritten message. Then, I put shredded red paper inside to protect the cookies. I decided to hand shred the red paper myself so everything would match – I just put red paper through our home shredder, so easy!
I got the idea for the cookies from my friend Martha Stewart and used her recipe for sugar cookies and royal icing.


I got the idea from the Valentine’s Day episode of Martha’s show to use a squeeze bottle to apply the royal icing to each cookie. This eliminates the need for a pastry bag and makes outlining each cookies easier to ensure you get a sharp edge of icing all the way around to cookie.

Step 1 – outline the cookies with royal icing

Step 2 – fill in with icing

Step 3 – spread frosting out and smooth over

Step 4 – Decorate! Then I just wrapped each cookie in plastic wrap to help stay fresh, placed in the boxes, wrapped the boxes in brown paper, and mailed.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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