Make Your Own Gift Bag

While shopping for wrapping for this holiday season, I realized that all the gift bags out there are super cheesy and lame. So, I decided to buy plain white bags and jazz them up myself!

It’s very easy – just follow these 4 simple steps.
You will need:
Plain gift bags
Decorative ribbon
Glue Gun

Glue 1-inch of decorative ribbon on the inside of the bag.
Wrap the bag with the ribbon and glue again on the bottom of the bag.
Wrap the rest of the bag and then glue 1-inch of ribbon on the inside of the other side of the bag.

Make a bow and glue it on the front – and voila!

One thought on “Make Your Own Gift Bag

  1. Love this…very cute and looks very easy! Plus what a great way to save on wrapping…the stuff out there in the stores is NOT cheap!


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