Wedding Thank You’s

Sure, Emily Post requires all Wedding Thank You notes to be sent within 3 months of receipt of gift. But, when it’s a gift from your husband’s friends, thus requiring HIM to write the note…I think getting it out the door no matter what the time-frame is a success!

We received a lovely wedding gift the day before our First Wedding Anniversary from 3 couples (Emily Post rule followed by the skin of their teeth!). I make all of our Thank You notes by hand and remembered a year ago rushing through the construction of 100+ Wedding Thank You notes as soon as we returned from our 2-week honeymoon. I didn’t love how they turned out, but I did get them all out the door within the 3-month rule, phew!

Well, I was inspired after we received this last gift to spend a little more time on this round of notes, I only had to make 3 – and I knew I had the time since it would be a good 2 months or more until my husband felt motivated enough to actually write the notes.

In keeping with our ocean/beachy wedding theme of starfish and incorporating our wedding colors of tangerine orange and ocean blue, I came up with these:

Let’s be honest, I think I am still feeling a little wedding planning withdrawal (a year later) and this project allowed me to revisit even if it was just for a bit…

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