Back Deck Mexican

To me, summer dining at home equals a light meal on your back deck with a delicious ice cold beverage. There’s nothing more enjoyable than this Homemade Mexican Dinner for two…


Main Meal:
Grilled shrimp Tacos
Mix shrimp (3 to 4 shrimp taco per taco) with olive oil, s&p, and cumin. Grill 2 mins per side. Serve in a warmed tortilla.

Homemade Toppings:
2 ripe avocados
juice of 1 lime
a little minced onion
a few chopped cilantro leaves
a bit of minced garlic
chopped jalapeno to taste
dash of salt
Mash avocados, combine with all other ingredients.

Pico de Gallo
chopped tomatoes
diced onions
chopped cilantro leaves
olive oil
lime juice
Combine with a dash of olive oil, squeeze of lime, and s&p.

Home-edited Side Dishes:
Warm black beans
1 can of black beans
1 garlic clove
Put beans in a pot with the garlic, heat for 10 mins until the liquid has reduced.

Mexican Rice
Box of Goya Mexican Rice
Prepare according to box directions, garnish with chopped cilantro leaves for added freshness.

Beverage: Sangria (of course)
2 or 3 pieces of fruit
1 bottle Spanish Red Wine
about 1/3C Sugar
about 1/3C Triple Sec
Club soda
Night before: cut up desired fruit (we use 1 green apple, 1 orange, 1 lime) and place in a pitcher with red wine, sugar, and Triple Sec. Let sit overnight in the fridge.
To serve: pour club soda into fruit/wine mixture, stir, garnish with leftover limes and oranges! I also like to garnish each individual glass for an extra touch.

Ambiance: Even it’s just the 2 of you…add a touch of style by lighting a few candles, set out a vase with flowers, set the table nicely, and ENJOY!

Some recipes adapted from GOOP and my sister’s delicious guacamole recipe.

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