I am a serious nail biting addict, have been since I was a little kid. To combat this issue (I hate he look of nubbley, chewed-on nails), I have to keep my fingernails polished 24/7. It’s a tireless process…constantly painting, drying, top-coating, smudging, re-painting, etc… but well worth it to me.

Here are a few of my current favorite colors:

Lacquered Up by essie – this was my go to for summer and now I’m taking it into Fall.

Provocateur by SPAritual – this brand makes organic nail polish that won’t stain your nails!

French Lingerie by Rimmel – this a drugstore find! It’s actually a color to top a French manicure, but 3 coats on plain nails is a clean, simple look. Test various pale pinks until you find the right one for your skin tone.

Chinchilly by essie – the best Fall, 2010 go-to color!
And the best top coat that will add 3 or 4 days to your polished nails:

essie top coat

And if you have an iPhone, you must download this app immediately and you will never have to guess how a nail polish color will appear once painted ever again!!

One thought on “Nails

  1. i’m always afraid of actual “red” reds, but i got essie silken cord (from the winter collection) as a present, and i’m loving it. it’s got kind of a coral tint – super pretty!


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