Toddler Craft Project – Marshmallow Snowman


This month’s toddler craft project for our local Baby Bootcamp Stroller Friends play date (you can see last month’s here) is a really cute, really simple snowman made with marshmallows. If your toddler is anything like mine, holiday decorations are where it’s at right now. This little snowman can be strung and hung on your Christmas tree or simply sat on a shelf to add to your decor.


To make this snowman you will need” 2 marshmallows (I used extra-large ones, because why not?), pipe cleaners, poms poms, a marker/sharpie, and glue.


Glue your marshmallows together end to end. I suggest using your glue gun for this part and do it before your toddler starts the project (toddlers and glue guns don’t seem to mix well). Then add pompoms for the nose and the buttons down the front. Using elmer’s or glue stick is fine for this part. Then draw your eyes on your snowman (I used marker, you could use googly eyes or whatever you want).


Use a black pipe cleaner and take a few strands off the end so you can stick it into the marshmallow to make your snowman’s pipe.


Now add accessories! For this snowman we used a pipe cleaner for a scarf and then twisted a second pompom around my finger and added a pompom on top for a little winter hat.


Voila – marshmallow snowman!


Ps. The snowmen Z made for her and baby M – adorable.


*Let me know if you’re interested in trying Baby Boot Camp – your first class is always free!

Christmas Pajamas

One my favorite Christmas traditions is finding a pair of adorable pajamas for the kids to wear all month long. And what is cuter on Christmas morning than kids running downstairs to see what Santa has left them in their on-theme jammies – love it! I posted a picture on Instagram last week of my kids in their Christmas jammies this year and got some questions about where they are from. Also, for the first time ever I got myself a pair of Christmas jammies so with all of that I thought I’d put it all together and do a little post on our favorite Christmas pajamas for the entire family.


1. Santa jammies from Hanna Andersson. They make my favorite kids jammies of all time so we splurge for Christmas and get them from here almost every year.

2. Although Baby M is wearing the baby version of the Hanna Andersson Santa jammies this year, wouldn’t it be cute to have an Elf with your toddler Santa?

3. I had been toying with the idea of getting myself Christmas pajamas and then I saw that J. Crew makes their PJs in petite(!) and also they were 30% off so…decision made. I am partial to polka dots so the polka dot flannel pants in poppy were the winners.

4. Believe it or not my husband already has a few pairs of Christmas PJs (perhaps because I’ve gifted them to him over the years). I always like a dad in plaid (rhyme!) PJs for Christmas, don’t you think? I like this green and blue tartan PJ bottoms from GAP. (similar)


What Christmas jammies are you and your kids wearing this year?

Homemade Christmas Cards

I love to make our Christmas cards every year but this year it just wasn’t feasible! Plus, I had so many beautiful photos from our shoot with Heater Maloney that I knew this year was a year for a traditional (EASY) photo card. Luckily, I got my homemade Christmas card fix in because we had a few people to give gifts to that required a little card to accompany the gift. I went with 2 different styles this year. One classic look and one a little more whimsical. I thought I’d share the finished products today in case you’re looking for a little homemade Christmas card inspiration.


I made the classic card extra simple by using just red and silver throughout the card, the message is even written in silver sharpie inside the card! These snowflake stamps are just fabulous.


For the more whimsical card I used a few different color ink pads to make a tree with ornaments. To fill the white space, I made a border from a red/white striped washi tape and I think it came out adorable.


Merry Merry!

PS. I inadvertently took last week off from blogging, – just too busy and too much going on. But I’m baaaack!

Make Your Own Madewell Heartbeat Oversized Button-down Shirt


I was poking around the internet for some wardrobe inspiration when I came across this adorable button down from Madewell. Just cute, right? An over-sized button down I could wear with leggings (I love these) or my new faux leather leggings (I bought these).


But $80, really? I decided to take matters into my own hands and simply make my own. It was pretty simple and once the design of the heart was done it was like 20 minutes ladies. I’ll save you the trouble of designing the striped heart in Photoshop like I did and you can save the image below if you want to make your own shirt, too. It’s sized to print on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of iron-on paper, trim the excess paper before you iron on for best results.


Just print on iron-on paper, iron onto an over-sized button down shirt (I used this one from Target), and voila! You have your own Madewell Heartbeat Oversized Button-down for a fraction of the price.


A few notes:
– Be careful of your buttons, it’s not easy to iron-on an image over buttons. I got a shirt with fabric covering the buttons and pockets on the front so I knew I’d have a ton of breaks in the black of the heart so it would be a more rustic look, if you will. If you’re looking for a cleaner look, I suggest removing the buttons before ironing on the image and then re-sweing them back on.
– I used Sharpie (see above image) to fill in a few “too-white” areas, just remember to put a cloth or thick paper in between the front and back of the shirt!
– Don’t do this while distracted! I was distracted by  baby M being cute and therefore burned my shirt a little, bummer! Only hold your iron on your shirt for 20 seconds max.


And because my husband hates taking this sort of photo as much as I hate posing for them – I have a mirror selfie for you showing how I’d style up this shirt. Let me know if you make one!

Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards Class – Sign Up Now!

I am teaching a class Thursday, February 5th to make beautiful, handmade Valentine’s Day Cards – SIGN UP NOW! If ever there was a holiday to spend time and effort to hand-make a card for your loved one, Valentine’s Day is it!Read the catalog description of the class below.


Legend has it that the practice of sending Valentine’s Day cards began in this country when a Mt. Holyoke College student received one such card from her beau in England. The daughter of a stationery manufacturer, she convinced her father of the business potential behind this idea; and thus, the Valentine’s card was born! Come join Jess for an evening of handmade heartfelt fun. Using rubber stamps, embossing powder, paper punches and more, you will create at least two one-of-a-kind cards that express your creativity. Once you learn how simple and rewarding it is to make your own cards, you’ll never again settle for store-bought. Please bring scissors suitable for cutting paper and a $10 material fee.

Sign Up Now!

Toys and Gifts at Nordstrom

Did you know that Nordstrom sells toys? They have an awesome collection of toys from brands like Melissa & Doug, Hape, Goldieblox, Jellycat, Skiphop and more! They sell baby toys, toddler toys, and toys and kits for bigger kids too. And books! I have a little round-up below of some things my kids would love.


1. Z has a stuffed donut, so I figured Baby M should have a slice of pizza! 2. Z would love this parking garage (with helipad on top!) from Hape and soon enough M will, too. 3. Sofia the First is Z’s absolute favorite – she’d love this matching game. 4. I love to get classic board books for M. 5. And cute, quirky teething rings! 6. I love this Skiphop learning books for M too! 7. Z loves to cook in her kitchen so why not get her this chef’s coat from Melissa & Doug, cute! 8. And this is one of Z’s faves that we constantly borrow from the library, maybe we should finally own it.

NORDSTROM - Shop Toys & Gifts for Kids

Happy Cyber Monday shopping!


*Disclaimer, affiliate links are used above where I may earn a small commission on items purchased. Thanks for supporting Style by Jess!

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is all the rage – it’s so convenient and let’s you go a day or 2 without washing your hair – normally I am a wash every day kind of girl which I know is a no-no. I mean these days, I’m lucky to get a shower in let a lone proper time to shampoo and condition. Anyway, I have always found it helpful to read reviews and tips of what dry shampoo to use (dry shampoo is so expensive and therefore not something you really want to keep experimenting with) so I thought I’d pass along my thoughts on my current favorite dry shampoo.


Toni & Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo. I bought it at CVS but of course it’s available for slightly cheaper on Amazon. It smells great and really actually does what it says it does – absorbs the grease of your hair and makes it clean without washing. I tell you, this has been a Godsend for me – it’s the first dry shampoo I’ve tried that doesn’t make me feel like I need to wash my hair immediately.

What dry shampoo do you use?


Pumpkin Pie


We love all (ok, most) things pumpkin in this house so you know that when Thanksgiving rolls around it’s all about the pumpkin pie! We’re traveling for Thanksgiving this year so we made our own pie from scratch over the weekend. And then I had an idea…. if I ever had to say something bad about pumpkin pie it’s that there is no top crust and I love crust. So! I decided to use my mini leaf cookie cutters (similar) to create a dramatic topping for our pumpkin pie. Here’s how I did it…


I baked the pie as usual using the recipe on the side of the can of Libby’s pumpkin. You cook a pumpkin pie at a higher temp for about 15 minutes then reduce it to cook another 40 minutes. While the pie was cooking at the higher temp, I used my mini leaf cookie cutters to cut out leaves.


Once the pie had cooked at the higher temp and about 15 minutes at the lower temp, I took it out and arranged my leaves (you want the custard to firm up a bit to support your leaves). I arranged them to overlap a bit to get nearly full-coverage, but it’s totally up to you. I used a little egg-wash on top to make sure it browned, too!


It ended up being a spectacular pumpkin pie…


…especially with a dollop of freshly whipped cream!

Toddler Craft Project – Turkey Napkin Ring


I am an avid member of the Woburn/Winchester Baby Boot Camp franchise – a fabulous way for moms to get fit! You work out in a boot camp-style class with your kids while they are strapped in their stroller (usually with tons of snacks). It’s an excellent workout and ends up being very social; the kids are all friends, the moms are all friends, you get the idea. We even go a step further and have monthly mom’s night out and play dates. Recently, I was named Stroller Friends mom of my franchise which basically means we’ll have a formal play date each month and I will create a toddler-friendly craft. This month, in honor of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d have everyone put together a Turkey Napkin Ring and also share the how-to with you here!


For this craft you’ll need construction paper, scissors, glue stick, feathers, 1/2 of a toilet paper roll, and the hand of your favorite toddler or baby. Trace your toddler’s hand and cut out. Decorate with feathers and don’t forget to draw a little face! Staple the 1/2 of a toilet paper roll to the back of the feathered hand.


Voila! A napkin ring for your toddler’s place-setting at the Thanksgiving table. Gobble, gobble!


*Let me know if you’re interested in trying Baby Boot Camp – your first class is always free!