Berry Yogurt Popsicles

Popsicles seem to be a thing now, don’t you think? If you’re on Pinterest (follow me!) your feed has probably had some Popsicle “recipes” this summer because they are just SO easy to make. And you can fill them with whatever you want so they can even be – dare I say – healthy! I made a batch of Berry Yogurt Popsicles over the weekend for us to enjoy on hot summer nights after dinner on our back deck – sounds kind of idyllic, right? It’s time for you to make your own before the summer is over! Ps. We bought our mold at the Christmas Tree Shop.


You will need 1 1/2C each of frozen blueberries and strawberries, 1 6oz container vanilla yogurt, 2 Tbs sugar, and Popsicle molds. Note – use whatever fruit you want. Also use whatever yogurt you want (low-fat, plain, Greek)! Use however much sugar you want (or don’t want as the case may be). This is based on Martha Stewart’s Firecracker Ice Pop recipe.


Defrost your berries.


Once defrosted blend strawberries with 1 Tbs sugar. Spoon into your Popsicle mold.


Add about 1 Tbs of yogurt into each mold on top of the blended strawberries. Solicit your toddler for help, like I did!


Repeat with blueberries and more yogurt. Put the top on your molds and freeze over night.



Couple Things…


I have a post coming up next week about our time in North Conway, NH and at Storyland but today I thought I’d share my husband’s Storyland treat (because parents definitely deserve a treat after a day and a half at Storyland)- deep fried Oreos!

…and my Storyland treat – a Pineapple Dole Whip, nice that you don’t have to go all the way to Disney World for a Dole Whip anymore!

Her and my casual sneakers.

After driving the antique cars at Storyland, she is obsessed!

We made more perfectly popped popcorn this week – if you haven’t tried the Pop Secret App you must, it’s awesome! #sp

And finally…the sweetest, cutest baby boy whose easygoing nature is allowing us to have the best. summer. ever. Thanks Baby M!


Have a great weekend everyone!

Halibut with Roasted Beets


I’m giving you another recipe this week! Must mean one thing…it’s CSA season and we’re getting tons of random vegetables that we’re scouring the internet for interesting recipes to use them all. Today I bring you what to do if you have tons of greens (like kale or swiss chard) and beets, as we had earlier this week. I found this recipe on Martha’s site for Halibut with Roasted Beets and it was great. Healthy, satisfying with interesting flavor combinations – tangy mustard, sweet golden beets, and tart greens.


We used swiss chard and golden beets seasoned with salt and plenty of pepper.


Dijon mustard on halibut is an unexpectedly fabulous combination.



Quinoa and Edamame Salad


I mentioned Friday that I had this delicious Quinoa and Edamame Salad when we went berry picking at Sweet Berry Farm. It was so good that I took a photo of the ingredients to remember to re-make it myself some day. Well, last week we  were headed to another free outdoor concert to have a picnic dinner and I thought this Quinoa and Edamame Salad would be the perfect thing to bring – and it was!


It’s so easy to make! Just cook your quinoa according to directions and mix with edamame (I used frozen edamame that I boiled for 3 minutes to cook), corn (I cooked an ear of corn then removed the kernels), chopped cilantro, and quartered cherry tomatoes.


For  a little dressing whisk together olive oil, lime juice, and salt and toss with the quinoa.


This is so darn good! And it’s light and healthy and just perfect for summer. For our picnic dinner we served with grilled shrimp and bruschetta. Enjoy!

Family Movie Night Popcorn


A few months ago while I was still working part time, my Z was home sick and I had a conference call for work I HAD to do. She had never watched a movie but I put on The Little Mermaid and she was mesmerized! Shortly thereafter she saw Frozen for the first time and…well…she is now a major fan of “moooovies.” When it was rainy recently we decided to have a family movie night to watch the new Lego movie – she loves Legos (well, Duplos, the toddler version) just like her daddy so we thought it would be a fun one for her to see. And what’s better than watching  a movie? Watching a movie with popcorn! Enter Pop Secret Popcorn.

We wanted to pop up some microwave popcorn but it always comes out burned OR too many unpopped kernels. UNTIL NOW! Did you know there is now a special Perfect Pop App? It’s so cool. You just stick your bag of popcorn in the microwave as usual. Right after you get the mic going you press GO on the app. The app “listens” to your popcorn popping and lets you know the second you should take the bag out to get the most perfectly popped bag of popcorn!


It was fun to try. Your phone screen fills with Pop Secret Popcorn as the microwave is popping your bag and you get some fun facts to read as you wait.


Then…the countdown is on! You get warned with messages when the popcorn is almost done and then you see this screen when the popcorn is ready. And by the way, my microwave still had 1 minute, 44 seconds of time left! Without the Pop Secret Perfect Pop App I definitely would have burned my popcorn.


Look at this – perfectly popped.


She enjoyed it more than she looks, that bowl was finished in about 4 minutes. You have to get the Pop Secret Perfect Pop Appclick here to download and learn more!


*Disclaimer: I received compensation and goods for this post, however all above opinions, thoughts, and burn-free microwave popcorn results are my very own. This app is really cool. Thanks for supporting Styled by Jess by clicking through the link(s) above – please and thank you!

Couple Things…

kitesbeach-daycute-giftstripessummer-berry-picking-8 quinoa-edamame-salad-1

We drove by our favorite kite park and saw a kite festival going on!

Beach day!

Baby M received the most adorably-wrapped gift from my cousin!

He wears about 90% striped clothing…clearly his mother’s son.

Z was obsessed with posing in this king & queen when we went blueberry and raspberry picking.

By the way, we ate lunch at the farm before we picked berries and I had this amazing quinoa edamame salad. I created our own version this week and will share the recipe on the blog next week!


Have a great weekend everyone! And don’t forget the Nordstrom Anniversary sale starts today, time to start shopping for fall!

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Summer of Us – Pick Your Own Fruit


We are really big into picking our own fruit at local farms (peach picking) (strawberry picking), so you bet we added pick your own fruit for every fruit grown locally to our Summer of Us list! I thought I’d share our most recent trip to go blueberry and raspberry picking. Blueberries are pretty much the favorite food of most toddlers, including ours, so we had a blast picking and eating blueberries all morning long! Oh, and we picked raspberries too, which my husband and I really love but Z was more into holding the container than snacking on the raspberries. And don’t worry – baby M was there too and slept in my Ergo the entire time, very newborn of him. I think he’ll appreciate picking his own fruit next year, for sure.


Her motto: pick one, eat a handful!


These may have been the sweetest most perfect raspberries I’ve ever had.


Family pick your own fruit #selfie complete with squinty faces, crooked sunglasses, and an overflowing pint of blueberries!


You really ought to go fruit picking this summer, it’s a blast!

A few notes if you go this summer:
- If you live in MA – you still have  chance to strawberry pick if you go now! Blueberries and raspberries have just started now. Peaches will be the end of this month or early August. Blackberries are late August.
- I find to be very helpful to know what fruit is ready for picking and when – click on your state on their homepage for more info.
- We love to pick at Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown, RI (which is where all of these photos are from) – but is great to find farms close to your house (or whatever zip code your search from). This site also lists farm stands if you don’t feel like doing the picking yourself and just want buy fresh fruit someone else picked!..


Time for Mom

Deviled Eggs

One night last week we were headed to a local farm that hosts a weekly concert in the summer for families where you can bring a picnic and sit outside as you eat and listen. We had pasta salad and cheese on hand but we needed one other thing to complete our picnic dinner. We had a few eggs in the fridge so we decided to make deviled eggs – nothing says picnic like deviled eggs!  Martha Stewart has a whole bunch of awesome deviled egg recipes but based on ingredients we had on hand we made these Old Bay Deviled Eggs. SO GOOD.




…spoon mixture…


…enjoy! Btw, we topped ours with green onions.

Couple Things…

childrens-museumhydrangeasice-creamstainssparklers tuna-appetizer

We went to Boston’s Children’s Museum this week as part of our Summer of Us fun. The best part? The Arthur green screen room when Z was IN an episode!

Hydrangeas in bloom.

Summer = ice cream dripping down your fave shirt and not caring one bit…

Speaking of… obviously we have a lot of laundry with the addition of a newborn to our family, but this is a photo of where I per-treat stains. Kids. are. messy.

We let Z stay up to watch belated fourth of July fireworks one night, she loved them and now asks to watch fireworks almost every day.

The most amazing tuna tartar appetizer.


Have a great weekend all!

Summer of Us – Go Fly a Kite

Last summer when we took Z to our favorite park to fly a kite, she had a blast. We knew this year would be even better now that she’s older and could (potentially) fly a kite on her own so we added to our Summer of Us list. Over the long holiday weekend we paid a visit to Brenton State Park to fly a kite!


Getting the kite ready…


…Daddy helping to get it in the air…


…and flying the kite all on her own – success!


A few notes if you go this summer:
- Brenton Point State Park is on Ocean Drive in Newport, RI where Narragansett Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. It’s easily a day trip drive from Boston, about an hour and 30/45 minutes.
- It’s a great kite park because of the winds because of its location right on the ocean. Be prepared with a sweatshirt or sweater, it can be chilly there even on the hottest summer days.
- There are public restrooms available during park hours (sunrise to sunset) from Memorial Day through Halloween.
- Bring a picnic along with your kite and make a day of it. There are quite a few places to get great take-out lunch in Newport, a few of our faves are:
- Rosemary & Thyme, a great French bakery that serves sandwiches starting at 11:30am.
- Peaceable Market, right on Thames St serving sandwiches and salads.
- Flo’s Clam Shack, if you’re looking for traditional fried fish, this is the place but go early, this place gets packed!
- Blue Rocks Market, really great sandwiches and pre-made salads and food. It’s also a little market with all sorts of yummy treats!
- Ash Mart, looks like just a convenience store from the outside, but they make great, traditional sub sandwiches. Go here if the line is too long at Blue Rocks, it’s just across the street.