Ribbon Hair Accessory DIY


I have another great DIY craft for you today using Offray ribbon. Last month I made some hair bows, but sometimes you want something a little less dramatic for your little one’s (our your) hair so I came up with this super easy, super cute idea for a simple ribbon hair accessory made with a barrette.


To make this ribbon hair accessory you will need: about 2 feet of 2 colors of 1/4″ or less width ribbon, scissors, barrettes with an open center, I bought these on Amazon.


Cut your ribbon and lay the ribbon on top of each other in the center of the top of the barrette where the seam of the barrette is (opposite of the opening).


Start weaving the ribbon through the open center of the barrette. Weave each side through and when you do the next weave the second color will show.


Continue weaving until you get to the other side of the barrette. Adjust ribbon as needed so no metal is showing through.


Tie in a knot at the end to secure in place and cut ribbon to desired length. So cute!


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Caught! He spilled a bunch of those puff snack things in this waiting room and I threw them in the trash. He immediately scooted right over and started eating them out of the trash…


She learned a new trick for bubbles this week – catch them after you’ve been running through the sprinkler (ie. wet hands) and they won’t pop as quickly! She would’ve stayed out there all night catching bubbles if I let her…

Google Express


If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I posted a photo of myself at the most lovely of dinners last week hosted by Google Express. The company was great (other mom bloggers and influencers), the food was amazing (Serafina Boston – SO good), and the subject was interesting. We learned about Google Express and the point was clear: get the items you need in same or next day delivery – so convenient.


Have you ever run out of wipes, computer paper, or the only bread your child will eat a sandwich on and had no time to get to the store to replace it? Google Express. Or, like me, use bottles and bottles of sunscreen in the summer and then find one day after you’ve cut the bottle in half with scissors you maybe have 2 days left before you’re out? Google Express. I found myself out of sunscreen this week so hopped on at 9pm at night to order and by 9:30am the next day (just in time to get to the playground) I had a bottle waiting at my door.


Google Express worked great for me and I loved trying it in this sort of “emergency” way to really test the speed of delivery. Turns out, they’re right! A few things…
– The way it works is you search for an item on Google Express or item type (ie. sunscreen), or search by store. Locally, Google Express delivers items from Walgreens, Costco, Stop & Shop, and more.
– Your first 3 months of use are free, thereafter subscriptions are $10/month or $95/year.
– Delivery is free on purchases of $15 or more at each store.
– Ordering is pretty straightforward BUT make sure to read through their “substitutions” disclaimer in your cart. In a nutshell, if you allow substitutions in the off chance the item you order is out of stock at the store, they will choose something similar to complete your order. For me, that would be fine with say, ketchup, but with my sunscreen I knew exactly which brand I wanted and did not allow for substitutions. Just something to look out for as the default is to allow for substitutions.

If you’re interested in trying Google Express here’s $25 towards your first purchase! Just enter promo code: EXPRESSBOSTON at check-out. Please note that this code is capped at the first 2,500 shoppers to redeem.

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The Most Flattering Bathing Suit – EVER

I am known to exaggerate a tad for the benefit of a good story, but I promise you the title of this post is no exaggeration. I also must be up front and let you know that I did not discover this flattering bathing suit on my own, it was my friend Amelia who let me know. In fact, a couple weeks ago we were meeting for dinner and waiting at the bar for our third friend to arrive. We were lamenting that we are of a certain age and how I’ve had 2 children and finding a flattering bathing suit is just impossible these days when Amelia alerted me that the most flattering bathing suit ever is the mesh inset microgoddess bandeau one-piece from….TARGET, no less.


I went online on my phone and bought the suit right then and there without even trying it on and let me tell you…this weekend I wore the suit to the beach for the first time and I felt like a million bucks. In fact, I was hit on (as witnessed by my mother) while at the beach with my 2 children, cute husband, and parents – that’s not a usual scenario for being hit on, am I right? It was the suit! You must order one immediately, it will change your summer.


You can wear the suit strapless or with a thing around the neck and I went with the latter based on the fact that I’d be swimming with and chasing after my 2 small children. There’s something about the mesh part (the shape and the material) that is so flattering and a little sexy – which I don’t usually go for with bathing suits these days (aforementioned 2 small children) but hey, why not? Anyway, just thought I’d give you the heads up – think of this as a general PSA on flatting bathing suits – YOU’RE WELCOME!

A Better Fruit Salad


I got together with some mom friends last night and when I asked the hostess a couple days before the event what I could bring she mentioned fruit salad. Fruit is so fantastic in the summer that there is nothing better than a fruit salad. BUT! I hate when the juicy fruit makes the other fruit all soggy. And some people love kiwi (for example) and others just don’t. What to do?


I thought instead of the usual method of tossing a bunch of different kinds of fruit together in a bowl that instead, I’d assemble it by groups of fruit on a nice platter. I love the oval shape platter for this idea – I got the above stainless steel platter at Crate and Barrel years ago, here’s something similar. It would solve most of the soggy issue and then, if you don’t like a certain kind of fruit you don’t have to take it rather than scoop around it if it was in a fruit salad, right?


Once assembled I thought it was missing something so I sprinkled some lime rind on top for a pop pf color on the mostly red fruit platter.


Delish – enjoy!

DIY Ribbon Hair bows


There’s nothing cuter than a little girl wearing a big, colorful bow in her hair, right? But after a while they get a little pricey (especially when she loses them all the time, ahem!). And I bet you never guessed how easy it is to make your own DIY ribbon hair bows. I partnered with my friends at Offray Ribbon to bring you a tutorial on making your own hair bows, here’s how:


You will need: about 2 feet of ribbon per bow, a needle and thread, a hair clip, sharp scissors, and a glue gun and glue (not pictured because my glue gun is not attractive).


Create the bow by folding the ribbon over itself, making 2 loops with the ribbon and sizing the bow to your liking. Then, stick your threaded needle through the center.


Fold the ribbon in the center like an accordion to get the right look and wrap the thread around and tie in back to hold in place.


Next, make the tail piece of the bow. Cut the ends for the tail look and again stick your threaded needle through the center and wrap around the ribbon.


Use the thread to tie the tail ribbon to the bow ribbon.


Next, sew your hair clip to the back of the bow. I used these snap hair clips because my daughter has thick hair and these stay in well.


And finally, to finish the project you want to wrap ribbon around the center of the bow. Take coordinating ribbon (I used the plain orange reverse side of the chevron orange ribbon) and fold into thirds (or fold in half, depending on the width of the ribbon). Use your glue gun to secure in the back.


Adorable, right?


Once you know the steps to make your own ribbon hair bow you can make them in all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. And leave off the tails for a tinier/simpler bow, too.

Thank you to Offray for sponsoring this post! And thank you for supporting the brands that support Styled by Jess.