What Am I Going to Do With All This Paella?

My in-laws came to visit this weekend to meet our new baby girl. This allowed my hubby and I to have a little time to cook a delicious meal together so we whipped up a batch of paella for dinner! We adapted our recipe from Ina’s, which I have shared below. It’s a great, easyContinue reading “What Am I Going to Do With All This Paella?”

Adventures in Ravioli-Making

I’ll start this post by telling/showing you the end of our adventure – a scrumptious meal of handmade shrimp and mascarpone cheese-filled ravioli with a truffle butter/white wine sauce. And here is the tale of our adventure: We began by rolling out pasta dough to the #4 thickness setting on our pasta maker. We usedContinue reading “Adventures in Ravioli-Making”