Wearing Fall Trends – Sweatshirts

Throughout August and September I did a series of fall trends posts for the current 2013 fall season. I shared with you fall trends that I like, would actually wear, and am actually wearing now that it is, in fact fall (calendar and temperature). So, I thought I’d revisit the series and show you howContinue reading “Wearing Fall Trends – Sweatshirts”

Fall Trend – Smoking Slippers

In talking about fall fashion trends from leather to army jackets to fancy sweatshirts I realized I haven’t talked about what’s most important: SHOES! One trend I am particularly excited has stuck around and is big again this fall is smoking flats or smoking slippers. What is more comfortable than a pair of shoes thatContinue reading “Fall Trend – Smoking Slippers”

Fall Trend – Army Jackets

Nothing is more of a fall staple than a cool army jacket. Army jackets are just everywhere right now, right? I like how army jackets are really becoming cutting edge with a lot of mixed materials being used like leather, beading, patches, and cool zippers. Also, since army jackets are so masculine, I always likeContinue reading “Fall Trend – Army Jackets”

The Sixth Fall Fashion Favorite – Lace-up Flats

Remember last week when I pulled together my five favorite fall fashion favorites? Well, turns out there are 6 fall fashion favorites, but SIX didn’t really go with the alliteration of my catchy title so I decided to do a separate post for the sixth favorite. This one is in fact the best of allContinue reading “The Sixth Fall Fashion Favorite – Lace-up Flats”

Five Fall Fashion Favorites

Ok, now that it’s officially fall – meaning both the calendar AND the temperatures say so (around here anyway), I thought it was time I share my five fall fashion favorites of 2015. 1. Plaid. Plaid is everywhere lately (even more so than last year) and I have fully started participating. I have been wearingContinue reading “Five Fall Fashion Favorites”