Getting musical with a wood chip-covered bum.


Practicing for “ballerina class” with her new Targetstyle ballet duds, she starts in a few weeks! Ps. Baby brother photo bomb… 😉

How to Cut A Watermelon

As summer comes to a close and we approach Labor Day Weekend, you must be acting like me and savoring every summer moment as you cram tons more summer activities in the next 2 weeks. That includes eating watermelon! I’ve been cutting my watermelon a special way all summer long that I finally snapped a few photos to finally share with you how to cut a watermelon. This is a particularly good way to serve watermelon to kids because it creates a bit of a handle for them AND allows them to eat most of what they’re holding with not much waste. I served watermelon this way at our recent flamingo party to rave reviews.


Cut your watermelon into rounds and then triangles, as you usually would. Then, make 4 cuts into the rind to create a little stump/handle.


It ends up resembling a little tree, right?


Makes for easy watermelon eating at the beach, enjoy this little trick!



Over the weekend she ate dinner with her cousins at our favorite Mexican place at the kids table and looked equally grown up and so little at the same time (just across from our table).


Good thing we screwed this bookcase to the wall… His current game is to pull all the books off the shelf and hoist himself up.

On the Hunt – Fashionable Backpack

Ever get obsessed with the idea of something? A current fashion trend that is appealing but you can’t find just the right one. You know what you want, you see an image in your head, but you can’t find it for sale anywhere (or you find it but it’s waaaay more than you want to spend). The perfect army jacket, a chic espadrille, overalls that aren’t frumpy (or $300). I do, all the time. I decided to start a new series here on the blog where I share my hunt with you, some options I’ve hemmed and hawed about, and ultimately what I bought (or if I just plain gave up).

My latest hunt has been for a fashionable backpack – something that is a backpack in function but doesn’t actually look like you’re walking to the school bus stop. Backpacks are ideal for mothers not only to carry all the things but so my hands are totally free for chasing after my wild ones. Luckily they are IN right now, so to speak, so there are tons of options that are no way frumpy or lame. If cost weren’t an issue I would’ve had my backpack months ago – this is pretty much exactly what I’m hunting for. But with what I think is reasonable budget (spend less than $75) I’ve had to go on a serious hunt – most I’ve been finding look like really fake leather or just too traditional of a backpack shape, which is not what I want. Other than price and shape I want something neutral so I can wear it with whatever I have on (ie. not black. It’s hard to find a fashionable backpack that isn’t black). Below are a few that have made the cut.


1. UO Tote Backpack from Urban Outfitters. This is a great option being real leather and $59. The color options aren’t my favorite but the pink seems very neutral and in fact the one review states as such. I love the handles so this can also turn into a tote.

2. The Deux Lux Karma backpack is adorable, love the neutral with the colorful tassel. Negative is that it’s a tad over budget.

3. Kimchi Blue Clean Colorblock Backpack from Urban Outfitters. This one isn’t real leather but looks pretty decent, I like that it’s neutral with a pop of neon.

4. I love this red Backpack with Zip from Zara but ultimately I think it was too small for my needs.

5. The Casual Backpack from Zara is near perfect – looks leather (Zara does faux leather pretty well), a handle so it can also be a tote, and a really cool look. I didn’t really want black, but maybe I could compromise.

Ok, I haven’t bought one yet, I want your thoughts, which one should I get?! I’m leaning towards #1….

Fall Craft Classes at Arlington Community Education

I am pleased to announce online registration has officially opened for my fall craft classes. I’ll be teaching 2 courses this fall at Arlington Community Education, links to register are below.


Wine Cork Trivets – Pop those wine corks and create a trivet loaded with character. Framed in wood, our cork trivet protects surfaces from hot pots while displaying corks from your favorite wines. Corks will be supplied but feel free to bring a few of your own to add personality. Please bring a glue gun if you have one. A $12 materials fee will be collected at class.


Festive Table Runners – Change up the decor of your table for the season with a custom-made table runner. Create an eye-catching centerpiece using a long piece of burlap with colorful ribbon woven throughout. This is a simple way to customize any holiday or event! Please bring sharp scissors to class. A $10 materials fee will be collected at class.

31 & 32/52

I missed week 31 of photos due to vacation so here are 2 weeks of photos! Week 31:


He LOVED the splash pad on vacation!


And she was mental the day we were leaving and decided to dance on the luggage cart while we were trying to pack.


Week 32:


The fish tank at the library!


“Mommy, take a pick-cha of me using my library books as a blanket!”

Ain’t No Party Like a Flamingo Party…

We had been wanting to have some little friends over this summer and settled on this morning as a date and it just so happened to be our first week home from vacation. You know how being home from vacation can be kind of a bummer? Well, we decided to theme our little play date party with friends so we had something to plan and look forward to. Side-note, my little Z has definitely inherited my love of party planning – she’s really an excellent hostess and has an eye for detail, a true event planner in the making. Anyway, we threw the details of our little plate date together in a matter of days so I thought I’d share some of our ideas in case you’re having a last minute event this summer that you’d like to take to the next level with a party theme – ours was a Flamingo Party!


When I asked Z what I thought our party theme was we arrived at flamingo because she and I both have flamingo shirts already, so it seemed like a natural fit.


We bought some truly adorable flamingo straws from Amazon that added a nice pop of color to everything.


We made flamingo cookies dying our favorite sugar cookie recipe pink and using a cookie cutter. Note – did you know Sur la Table sells cookie cutters $1.25? And they have almost any shape you could ever want, that’s my secret spot for finding random cookie cutter shapes and not spending a lot for them.


We also printed out flamingos, colored them, and hung them up as decor.


Add friends, watermelon, a sprinkler, applesauce squeezies, some bubbles, and a couple juice boxes and you have yourself a fun backyard play date!


If I haven’t blogged in a while (I was notified by Facebook yesterday that I hadn’t posted anything new in 10 days, whoops!) I like to start back up with a “lately” post to let you know what I’ve been up to…


Vacationing: With my husband’s family (almost 30 people total) at a resort in the Poconos in Pennsylvania – a place reminiscent of Dirty Dancing (without the scandals, that I know of…) where the activities are aplenty and the same staff person serves you breakfast, drives your motor boat when you water ski, and stars in the staff musical at night.


Eating: Trader Joe’s pre-packaged salads, most of which are low calorie (watch out for those that are considered 2 servings though when calculating calories). Have you tried these? They have really interesting options – I’ll often add cucumbers or an avocado as I did in the salad above.


Making: Pink flamingo cookies for a little play date we’re having this week with Z and M’s friends because in our house even a play date gets a party theme!


Buying: Flowers to add some color around the house.


Drinking: Margaritas with friends because we just got back from vacationing with my in-laws. 😉


Wearing: Our favorite shoes even in the pouring rain today (just look at how Z is standing, such a lady).